My specialty is line art and illustration using pen, ink, and colored pencils. My earliest art training began with certification in illustration and drawing from Art Instruction School in Minneapolis (Charlie Brown exists because of that school!) Over the years, I have added supplementary courses and workshops to refine drawing skills and pen and ink techniques including online training from London Art College as well as on-site workshops in Surrey, England; American Academy of Equine Art at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington; Scottsdale Artists’ School in AZ, and art coursework at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. (Member of SCBWI)

I have experimented with many types of traditional art media including oils, watercolors, colored and graphite pencils, and clay sculpture, as well as computers and electronic media. I enjoy working with color in any medium but I especially enjoy the challenge of working with pen, ink and colored pencil.

Every stroke is drawn by hand. Strong contrasts and gradations in values are achieved through basic and advanced pen and ink and colored pencil techniques. These techniques include stippling, hatching, cross hatching, random lines, and anything else that achieves the artistic result I seek. Ink drawings are completed with traditional and mechanical pens using India ink on high quality drawing paper. The paper is bleed proof and India ink is a permanent ink that does not bleed when dry. These tools and materials provide crisp and bright drawings. I use a combination of the finest oil-based and wax-based color pencils available to ensure lightfastness and to render fine details and bright contrasts.

My art studio is in Bear Valley Springs, near Tehachapi, California. I have been happily self-employed since 1996 as a qualitative research consultant (please see  Drawing is a wonderful creative outlet for me and it enhances all aspects of my personal and professional life.

About the Artist - Karen Conger

Karen Conger, Artist, Line Art and Illustration, Pen and Ink Drawings

I am adding drawings regularly to my website. These pieces will be posted for sale on this site as soon as they are finished.

What would you like to see? Email your photographs to me with your ideas and let's work together to create something personal, unique, and of value to you!